A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Series

Before I continue, please take time to watch the above trailer. I will wait.

I am so excited for this! I used to love this series growing up, then my youngest sister fell in love with it, now I am going to brain-wash my nephew. Ahh I’m so excited.

Let’s talk about this trailer though.

I’m going to be very judgmental about the series. I’m excited to see a TV show based on A Series of Unfortunate Events, but I enjoyed and was happy with how the movie with Jim Carey turned out. I’m super sure how I feel about another remake, but for right now we’ll focus on my excited side.

Jim Carey played all the characters, but especially Count Olaf wonderfully. It’s going to be hard to top that! But I am willing to give it a chance. So far Netflix-Violet seems more accurate than Movie-Violet. The house though, the house is exactly how I imagined it.

This Netflix series looks a little sillier than I would like, but it should be good to watch with my nephew. It looks like there a lot of famous actors in this, so hopefully that will equate to good acting and character portrayal.

This series arrives to Netflix on January 13th, 2017 and from I’ve heard we will get eight episodes with the first run, and every two episodes will represent one book. I’m happy about that. Each book deserve two episodes.

Are any of excited for this?!

I’m going to be re-reading the first four books so that the stories are fresh in my mind. This may end up being a good or bad thing haha.

Until Next Time,


2 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Series

  1. Christy Luis December 7, 2016 / 1:10 pm

    Ooooh man, this looks so cool! I’m so excited that the later books will get some attention. (The movie with Jim Carrey was amazing; I always wanted more!) But I don’t have Netflix streaming *cries* We should totally binge the series together sometime! 😉


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