3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge (Day 2)

I was tagged by the lovely Lia from Lost In a Story to post a new quote every day for three days and today is day two! Here are the rules again just in case you forgot…

Here are the rules:

  • Show the challenge on your blog.
  • Thank your nominator.
  • Pick a favourite quote, explain what it means and tell your readers why you chose that quote.
  • Nominate people for every post
  • Post the challenge once a day for 3 days and include one quote for each post.

Here is my quote for today!

“He told me once to be brave, and though I have stood still while knives spun toward my face and jumped off a roof, I never thought I would need bravery in the small moments of my life. I do.”

-Veronica Roth, Divergent

I chose this quote because I wanted to be an encouragement to any body out there who is struggling. It takes great bravery to face your enemies and to slay those dragons, but it takes a different kind of bravery to face the small tasks, to face every day when things and feelings are happening that you can’t control. Keep on Keepin On!

Okay, That is my mushy moment haha.

So! As I said yesterday, I challenge you person reading this! Take three days to share three quotes, they don’t even have to be you favorite. Take a random line from the book you’re reading now. It can be so random and out of context. Extra points if you do that!

If you do this challenge, give me a holla because I want to see what you post. All right lovelies, I’ll see ya next time.




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