Jumping Back Into Reading


This summer has forced me to put my life in to a different perspective and actually prioritize my life. Well, I’m still working on the prioritize part. But as we are entering October I have fallen back in love with the idea of reading all day, of bringing a book wherever I go and not being able to get enough of the written word. And transforming back into my book nerd form I have a deeper to desire to have a place to write about all of the books I am reading, to have a place to collect all of my thoughts and since my bookshelf is already consumed with half-filled notebooks, a blog is going to have to do.

Bookish Tea Dribbles is no longer here to make me famous in the book-nerd community, but to catalogue my thoughts, opinions, and feelings of the many lives I am about to live.

So here we go.

To jump in, I am going to start by reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. Everybody who breathes know about the Harry Potter series, and yet I have never read them. Shame on me. But my eldest sister finally took it upon herself and hosted a Harry Potter movie-marathon with me back in June 2015 and I didn’t read the first book until November 2015.

Here we are, almost a year later and still no progress. Those movies impress on me the feelings of a blanket around my shoulder and Christmas dinner. As we are diving in to Fall season ( hallelujah!) I thought I should finally start… again.

Right now I am in North Carolina helping said sister and her family pack and move up to Rhode Island, I need a book.


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